diary of a pianist

Looking at Life Through Music!

Diary of a Pianist is a collection of 10 classical/pop crossover piano solo arrangements by Marcus Wong. He started learning the piano at eight and immediately fell in love with the instrument. This album which is dedicated to his father (who played an important role in encouraging him to learn music) is part of his musical journey of love for music, a passion for life and the courage to embrace a musical life.

Beautifully written, Diary of a Pianist takes the listener on a journey into the heart and meaning of music.

The CD that accompanies the book include songs that can be enjoyed on their own, on the go or alongside the book. It can also be used as a supplementary book for piano instruction. 

Diary of a Pianist reminds us to enjoy the little things in life. A work that will appeal to all music lovers and anyone who has a passion for life.

The composer founded his company – Mirabilis Music – which apart from composing corporate music, music for film and animation, also has a music school which teaches various instruments such as piano, keyboards, drums, guitar and many more.    

Song List:

  • My Father
  • Moment of Inspiration
  • Time and Tide
  • Miracle Waltz
  • Undine
  • Orient Express
  • Valley of Echoes
  • Alberti’s Gift
  • Fragrant Harbour
  • My Garden